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An iconic photo from Supple Spa of our renowned flower bath treatment - now known as the royal bath package


The reception desk at our Upper East Side location


In ​2004, an upscale day spa called Supple Spa opened for business in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea. After serving thousands of people over many years, the founders realized that there was an untouched demand for couple's spa treatments - couples wanted a new way to relax together besides going to movies and dinners, and an increasingly disconnected society was looking for an intimate way to reconnect with each other. The spa began to focus on treatment packages for duos, and perfected the art. Fast forward a few years to 2016, that spa relocated a few neighborhoods over to the Upper East Side and is now The Couple Spa. With almost two decades of excellent spa service under our belt and years of catering to couples, we are the foremost couple's spa experience in New York City. 

Over the years, we've developed three pillars that every aspect of our business is built on: relaxation, health, and connection.


The primary goal of any spa is to make the visitor feel as relaxed as possible. At our spa, we have relaxation down to a science - every part of the experience is thought-out to put you in your calmest state. As soon as you walk in the door, soothing aromas ease any tension, serene music sharply contrasts the chaotic city traffic, and warm colors foster a feeling of coziness. Our treatments are some of the most relaxing and luxurious services in the city, courtesy of our highly skilled therapists, and we offer wine and tea on the house to make sure everyone leaves satisfied. 

We also believe that happiness is deeply rooted in health. Revitalizing your body with a massage/facial physically releases dopamine within your brain, causing a sense of well-being. Not only that, but taking care of your body also leads to better mental health, reducing depression & anxiety while fostering appreciation for the small things in life. And an enhanced general temperament can also inspire a better attitude toward any relationships you have, improving your social health. Accordingly, our procedures were developed with health in mind, our products are selected to be gentle on the body, and our therapists are trained to take special care in their craft. We aim not only to induce surface-level relaxation, but to also leave visitors holistically healthier than when they came in.

Our third pillar is what really sets us apart from the pack - we believe that emotional connection is crucial to spiritual fulfillment. Humans are social creatures, and recently, the advent of the internet and social media has ironically decreased the quality of our social interactions. Our spa seeks to provide the opportunity to reconnect with loved ones - be it a romantic partner, family member, long-time friend, or new acquaintance. So, we've designed the visitor experience to encourage conversation and to promote a feeling of intimacy. It starts from the eccentric decorations that always get a comment or two, to the oil choosing where you can explore each other's scent palettes, to the private couple's rooms that offer a setting of tranquility so you can truly speak your mind. And if you find yourselves enthralled in discourse, you are free to continue the conversation all day long in our lounge area while sipping wine and tea. Even when you're not feeling talkative, the serene atmosphere alone can make you feel a little closer to your companion. But with a rejuvenated system and a peaceful state of mind, we hope that visitors will feel comfortable to open up more, laugh a little easier, and be compelled to say something kind.


Most establishments aim only to impart a fleeting, material happiness to their clients. But real happiness is more than just a superficial sensation. We believe, by upholding these three pillars, that we can guide the visitors of our spa to inner peace and true bliss, creating meaningful connections along the way and memories that last a lifetime. 

Long term, our mission is to reintroduce privacy and presence in a city that is slowly losing those qualities. The city is growing in number each day, making private space scarce, and technology is taking people's attention, making social interactions less intimate (think phones out at dinner). In response, we aspire to be a haven for genuine connectedness in the midst of the city's chaos. 

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Laozi

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