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Weekday Wellness Package

Constant stress during the work week can be taxing on the mind and body. Recenter yourself at The Couple Spa with your favorite person, whether that's your lover or your best friend, and enjoy a relieving massage together followed by a cup of tea. Self-care, even during the week, is essential for maintaining a sustainable work-life balance! (package available Mondays to Fridays except for holidays)

couple's package | $270 $160
go solo | $140 $80

50-minute Swedish or Deep Tissue massage
with tea on the house!

Click "Learn more" for details, pictures and solo prices. Click here to purchase a gift certificate.
PLEASE NOTE: Prenatal massages/scrubs/baths are not offered at this time. If you are expecting, please opt for a couple's facial instead!


70-min | $220
90-min | $270

Smell is our most intimate sense, deeply tied to our fondest memories and our most vivid emotions. The couple's aromatherapy package allows you to share your favorite scents and memories with your partner, creating a new dimension of connection, while enjoying a massage together, side by side. Learn more

100-min | $395
3-hr | $595

Remember that one time you carefully set up a cheesy romantic bath for your loved one? The couple's royal bath package does all that hard work for you and takes it to the next level. Complete with massages, body scrubs, and an elaborate bath in a wooden tub, this is a gift fit for a king or queen. Learn more



2-hr & 20-min | $395

The human body is constantly accumulating toxic wastes in our skin and in our muscles. The couple's detox package can help flush those out with thorough massages and rejuvenating facials, leaving your body refreshed and feeling new again. And people say that couples who heal together, stay together - so why not bring your second half with you? Learn more

4-hr & 30-min | $750

You need a quick but lavish getaway. Consider it done. Learn more


2-hr | $500

Start with a soothing, hour-long couple's aromatherapy massage. Then spend an hour together in our Rose Room -- a completely private spa room where you and your lover can enjoy each other's company while sipping champagne in a rose petal bath, or getting intimate in a hot sauna. Learn more

3-hr & 30-min | $680

The ultimate couple's spa experience! Begin with an hour-long couple's aromatherapy massage to completely soothe the mind and body. Then relieve any residual tension in a pair of massage chairs, while receiving a foot massage and snacking on grapes. Finally, the two of you are left alone in the Rose Room for two full hours, with access to a hot sauna, our famed rose petal bath, and more -- all in complete privacy. Complimentary champagne & sushi. Learn more

Deep Pore Facial, 70 minutes

couple | $250

solo | $125

A rejuvenating facial that digs deep into the pores to cleanse the skin, exfoliating dead wastes and extracting blackheads. A hydrating mask is used to cool the face afterward.

Scrub & Bath, 50 minutes 

couple | $295

solo | $150

A salt scrub body treatment that exfoliates and moisturizes the skin, followed by a relaxing bath with essential oils. Leaves the skin glowing and refreshed. 

Swedish Massage, 50 minutes

couple | $250

solo | $130

A calming, full body massage using Swedish strokes and techniques. Increases circulation and alleviates stress. 

Deep Tissue Massage, 50 minutes

couple | $270

solo | $140

An intensive, full body massage that targets the inner layers of muscle. Loosens muscle knots and rejuvenates the body.

Collagen Facial, 50 minutes

couple | $270

solo | $140

A beauty facial that uses a collagen mask to soften the skin and reduce wrinkles. Leaves the face feeling renewed.

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