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Healthy and relaxed people are more likely to treat each other with kindness and love more often, just as people who make meaningful connections have a healthier temperament and lower stress levels. The couple's detox package aims to optimize this dynamic, banishing toxicity from both the flesh and the soul.

Beginning with a deep tissue massage, the therapist uses strong and thorough strokes to target the inner layers of muscle and tissue, smoothening out muscle knots and releasing any toxic buildup. Improved blood circulation flushes those toxins out of your system. Additionally, essential oils are infused into the massage, augmenting any relaxation benefits while also clearing sinuses and purging bad bacteria.

The second phase is a deep pore facial, customized for your skin type. Professional exfoliation and extraction cleanses out dead skin, blackheads, oil, germs, and other unwanted debris that accumulate in the pores over time. This reveals a fresh layer of supple skin from underneath. It is then treated with a hydrating mask, leaving your face moisturized and younger-looking.

Cap things off with some quality tea time in the company of a loved one, warming and healing both body and spirit. As they say - heal together, stay together. 

2 hours & 20 minutes

couple's package | $395

go solo | $195

What's included? (per person)

  • 70-min. full body deep tissue massage

  • your choice of essential oil

  • optional targeted therapy

  • 70-min. deep pore facial with extraction

  • couple's package: after the treatment, relax in our lounge area and enjoy wine or tea on the house

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