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The best of the best. The cream of the crop. 

The couple's honeymoon package is all our most luxurious offerings, bundled into a lengthy, four and a half hour long excursion. Consider it as an all-access VIP pass to our spa.

Indulge in lava stone techniques during a full-length aromatherapy massage, pamper yourself with a body scrub that uses ancient pink salt straight from the Himalayas, splash about in a lavish rose petal bath while dining on sushi, and pop champagne with your sweetheart before being treated to a youth-restoring facial infused with a rare tropical Thai seaweed and 24 karat gold.

It's honeymoon-level relaxation without honeymoon-level time and money.

4 hours & 30 minutes

couple's package | $750

go solo | $375

What's included? (per person)

  • 90-min. full body massage, choice of Swedish or deep tissue

  • your choice of essential oil

  • lava stone technique integration

  • optional targeted therapy

  • 40-min. pink Himalayan salt body scrub

  • 50-min. private rose petal bath

  • couple's package: during the bath, enjoy your choice of sushi on the house

  • 90-min. deep pore facial with extraction

  • ultrasonic youth procedure with 24k gold serum

  • organic botanical mask extracted from Thai algae

  • couple's package: complimentary bottle of wine

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