Relax, Heal, Connect

Couples everywhere have been looking for new ways to relax together and the opportunity to reconnect with each other.

We're a day spa in the Upper East Side of New York City. Our focus is on curated treatment packages for duos, although we have solo treatments as well. You are welcome to bring any type of companion, whether they're a lover, a friend, family, or someone you just met -- we just want to give people a private space to spend quality time with each other, and give anyone the ability to do something extra special for a loved one. Taking care of yourself has never felt this good!

Features & Testimonials

We're featured in: 
Time Out New York
Model Squad on the E! network
American Spa Magazine
Yelp - 4.5 stars on 240+ reviews
Growing Up Hip Hop: New York on WE tv
New York Magazine
Google Maps - 4.5 stars on 200+ reviews
Eric's World on Kyra TV

Model & actress, Caroline Lowe, and football player, Heath Hutchins, visit our spa for a couple's treatment, on reality TV show Model Squad (S1E4)


Former BuzzFeed creator, Eric Tabach, rekindling with an old friend while enjoying our royal bath treatment, on his new show Eric's World

"... this spa became so renowned for its treatments for pairs that it changed its name to The Couple Spa a few years ago... Want to go all out? Spring for the couple’s royal bath package, which starts with a massage and sea salt scrub before you hop in a steaming, rose petal-strewn bath."

- Time Out New York



70-min | $210
90-min | $260

Smell is our most intimate sense, deeply tied to our fondest memories and our most vivid emotions. The couple's aromatherapy package allows you to share your favorite scents and memories with your partner, creating a new dimension of connection, while enjoying a massage together, side by side. Learn more

100-min | $380
3-hr | $590

Remember that one time you carefully set up a cheesy romantic bath for your loved one? The couple's royal bath package does all that hard work for you and takes it to the next level. Complete with massages, body scrubs, and an elaborate bath in a wooden tub, this is a gift fit for a king or queen. Learn more



2-hr & 20-min | $390

The human body is constantly accumulating toxic wastes in our skin and in our muscles. The couple's detox package can help flush those out with thorough massages and rejuvenating facials, leaving your body refreshed and feeling new again. And people say that couples who heal together, stay together - so why not bring your second half with you? Learn more

4-hr & 30-min | $730

You need a quick but lavish getaway. Consider it done. Learn more